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Extracts from Encounters dance film 2010

It started at the end.

​The piece focuses on an evening involving a couple and three others, the narrative unfolds before us

Events are played out backwards and forwards, not only they are out of chronological order, but also some scenes are entirely performed with reverse movements.


Featuring impressive hand-balancing, playful acrobatics and a mysterious box of tricks, BOX offers a humorous and uplifting tale about sibling connection, competition and compassion.

Based on, in, atop and around a custom-built Cube that expands over the course of the show, BOX explores that special space (sometimes sti ing, often challeng- ing) that siblings share, play, care and grow in.

Negotiating this world, our brother and sister use their imagination, skills and showmanship to vie for the attentions of the audience, only to learn that real success is found somewhat closer to home. 

The Psychiatrist 

Dance With Me

​An acrobatic dance theatre duet about a messy bloke who can’t stop dancing and a female perfectionist who craves neatness. Can they work out their differences before the last dance ends?




Four performers are thrown, dive and are caught in powerful feats of strength and poise. Passing constantly through acrobatic moves, each person interlocks with the next in a constantly shifting puzzle.



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