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On this page you will find details of our performances, workshops and opportunities.


Upcoming Events





MK Festival Fringe 20/07/2013

Jacksons Lane Postcards Festival 14/06/2013


Last Dance

Resolution! at Robin Howard Dance Theatre 24/01/2013


It Started at The End

Resolution! at Robin Howard Dance Theatre 18/02/2011

Jacksons Lane Postcards Festival



Shunt Lounge 2010







MÓTUS     31st May 2015

We will be presenting a brand new site specific piece at

MÓTUS 2015 in Milton Keynes on the 31st May.

This performance is free so pop along to MK Rose to see us in action.

This piece inspiered by the MK Rose will be performed by students from the Coles Forsyth Dance Academy and The National Centre for Circus Arts.


BOX  (Pandora's Circus)  work in progress sharing. 

 as part of Transmission at Jacksons Lane


Pandora's Circus is a new acrobatic show calculating fairness and balance using all the tricks in the box.

 The two characters work out how they define the fairness of the world they live in calculating and dividing any number of interesting things. Both the characters would like the best result possible however their ideas on how to achieve this are not always compatible.


Supported by Jacksons Lane, and Arts Council England











Thank you to every one who contributed to our kickstarter and they are:

Helen Parlor, Emily Dixon, Jessica Walters, Jon Udry, 

Kate White, Vendetta Vain, Leo Hedman, Simon Bowden, Crystal Costa, Sam Morrison, Louise Mayor, Clare Barret,

Khyle Eccles,  Ben Collis, David Downie, Lee Stephenson, Sophie, Jessica Burn,Emma Suckling, Malcom Barraclough, Mario Gemez, Cheyney Kent, Danny Chase, Vincent Delorme, Zoe Jones, Anna Tolputt, Chris Grady, and Emma Manton. 

Past Events

Elusive Circus working title Dust

Collaboration with Malik Ibhies.

Dust, work in progress performances for a brand new promenade show. Please follow the link for more information

Creation for BOX the self contained circus show is planned for 2017, previous working title Pandora's Circus.

Top  Image by Gabriel Lopez

 Bottom image Matt Hennem  

Perforners: Sammy Dinneen,Tamzen Moulding, Ted Sixtrom

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